Installation composed from the fragments of 65 disassembled traps
80 m²
2021 - 2022
Commissioned for Frestas Triennial by Sesc

‘Zanzado em trama é armação de arapuca’ ’is a work that began with a trip between Minas Gerais and Bahia where I went in search of people who produced traps. I bought one of each, totaling in the end 60 traps, which caught fish, birds, moray eels, armadillos, guayamum, crabs, rats, and octopuses. I studied the movements of all of them and later disassembled them. The installation is created from the fragments of these disassembled traps, in a process where I elaborate in the composition ways to add these 60 wefts to my own trap-body.

The trap has always been present in my daily life, because my father, Jorge da Costa, is a trap. I grew up watching him create objects and capture movements. When I think of a family crossing in time, I see that there is always an incomplete choreography that is passed from one to the other, that informs us part of the necessary gestures to cross. It is as if to cross the street we are told in advance that we need to look both ways. But then we need to learn the step and the way. I name as ancestry this part of the gestures that we perform and that guide our survival in the world, it is the piece of choreography that keeps us standing, or teaches us how to get up. So, I believe that every dance that populates the space is forged between memory and the body’s own walk in the world. We inherit an incomplete choreography so that we can multiply the paths.